A Beautifully Staged Home Should Also Smell Fresh and Clean by Patty Mamone

Even cute little puppies like these can wreak havoc when you’re selling your house…

A Beautifully Staged Home Should Also Smell Fresh and Clean | Home Staging Tips

Any unusual or offensive odors can threaten the sale of your home. Take steps now to prevent unpleasant scents from sabotaging your showings:

When selling your home, don’t forget the strong first impression that fragrance can make.

Any odor perceived as unpleasant or even just unusual can turn off your potential buyers. The same cooking aroma that makes your mouth water when entering your favorite restaurant is considered a flaw (or worse!) when looking at properties to purchase. Odors from smoking, mold, chemicals, strong perfumes, and of course, pets, can make buyers cross your home off their list. To further complicate matters, homeowners adjust to the scents of their own homes and can’t tell when there’s a problem.

Large retailers and the hospitality industry routinely use pleasant fragrances when marketing their products. Before listing, create an action plan for a fresh, clean scent ambiance when marketing your product – your home!

  • Professionally clean all carpeting, upholstery, and draperies.  In the Chicago area, we’ve had great results with Executive Green Clean.  http://www.executivegreenclean.net/
  • Launder or clean all bedspreads, curtains, linens, and window blinds.
  • Change filters in furnaces, air conditioners, humidifiers, air cleaning machines, etc.
  • Promptly clean and neutralize any pet accidents with a specialized enzymatic cleaner like Nature’s Miracle. http://www.natures-miracle.com/
  • Thoroughly clean (or even eliminate) older silk plants, throw pillows, and crafty decor items that act as dust-catchers.
  • Prior to listing, sweep unfinished cement basement and garage floors with sweeping compound, then wet mop.
  • Bathrooms and tub/shower areas should be cleaned and sparkling from top to bottom.
  • Regularly run a combination of ice cubes and lemon/orange peels through the garbage disposal to keep fresh.
  • Keep pet cages, crates, and litter boxes clean. Bathe dogs frequently while house is on the market to prevent that ambient “doggy” smell.
  • Vacuum floors and furniture frequently.
  • Don’t allow smoking in the house or garage while house is on the market.

Whew!  That’s quite a long list.

Post written by Patty Mamone of Kallista Interiors