Tips For Choosing An Area Rug by Patte Lau

Tips for Choosing an Area Rug by Patte Lau


Let There Be Light by Patte Lau

You may have heard the doom about incandescent light bulbs being phased out. Fortunately, the lighting industry has been developing bulbs that offer a greater range of light color and flexibility. So before you rush out to buy the remaining incandescents, keep these thoughts in mind:

Tips for replacing traditional incandescent bulbs | RESA Chicago


  • Light color is measured in Kelvins (K).
  • A lower K value indicates warmer light or light with red tones, similar to incandescent bulbs.
  • A higher K number equals cooler or blue toned light.


  • To replace traditional incandescents select a bulb with a K value between 2400-2900. This color range will help keep your wall and furniture colors from taking on a grayish-blue cast.
  • In the kitchen a light value around 3500K will flatter faces faces as well as food.
  • Playrooms and reading spots can go slightly cooler, however stay away from the “office” look by avoiding bulbs with a bluish tone.

Tips for replacing traditional incandescent bulbs | RESA ChicagoBEDROOMS

  • Lighting in the bedroom has blossomed into artistry and smart styling for every sleeping space. Introducing a chandelier with coordinating (but not matchy-matchy) bedside lamps accents the rooms decor and overhead fixtures.
  • Bedside table lamps should cast light at about eye height.
  • If only one single light fixture is used for illuminating an entire room…it’s time to refresh.

Need a light fix in the bedroom? Try these quick changes -

  • Replace bedside portable lamps with a set of hanging pendants or small scale chandeliers. It helps draw the eye upward and gain extra table space.
  • Add a 3 way switch bedside. It provides you control of all the room’s light fixtures from your bed, or consider a wireless control system.


  • Say goodbye to the bar if possible. Install sconces at face height to cast the best glow for shaving and applying makeup.
  • Select a red cast to your bulb so the skin does not look gray.
  • Light layering in the bathroom:
    • Overhead lighting from ceiling fixtures make day to day tasks easier.
    • Portable lamps & strip lighting provide a subtle accent and mood in the space.
    • Options abound from strip lights to sconces around the mirror and vanity makes task lighting easier and a must.

Post written by Patte Lau of Interior Stylist