Let There Be Light by Patte Lau

You may have heard the doom about incandescent light bulbs being phased out. Fortunately, the lighting industry has been developing bulbs that offer a greater range of light color and flexibility. So before you rush out to buy the remaining incandescents, keep these thoughts in mind:

Tips for replacing traditional incandescent bulbs | RESA Chicago


  • Light color is measured in Kelvins (K).
  • A lower K value indicates warmer light or light with red tones, similar to incandescent bulbs.
  • A higher K number equals cooler or blue toned light.


  • To replace traditional incandescents select a bulb with a K value between 2400-2900. This color range will help keep your wall and furniture colors from taking on a grayish-blue cast.
  • In the kitchen a light value around 3500K will flatter faces faces as well as food.
  • Playrooms and reading spots can go slightly cooler, however stay away from the “office” look by avoiding bulbs with a bluish tone.

Tips for replacing traditional incandescent bulbs | RESA ChicagoBEDROOMS

  • Lighting in the bedroom has blossomed into artistry and smart styling for every sleeping space. Introducing a chandelier with coordinating (but not matchy-matchy) bedside lamps accents the rooms decor and overhead fixtures.
  • Bedside table lamps should cast light at about eye height.
  • If only one single light fixture is used for illuminating an entire room…it’s time to refresh.

Need a light fix in the bedroom? Try these quick changes -

  • Replace bedside portable lamps with a set of hanging pendants or small scale chandeliers. It helps draw the eye upward and gain extra table space.
  • Add a 3 way switch bedside. It provides you control of all the room’s light fixtures from your bed, or consider a wireless control system.


  • Say goodbye to the bar if possible. Install sconces at face height to cast the best glow for shaving and applying makeup.
  • Select a red cast to your bulb so the skin does not look gray.
  • Light layering in the bathroom:
    • Overhead lighting from ceiling fixtures make day to day tasks easier.
    • Portable lamps & strip lighting provide a subtle accent and mood in the space.
    • Options abound from strip lights to sconces around the mirror and vanity makes task lighting easier and a must.

Post written by Patte Lau of Interior Stylist